About me

I’m a student at KULeuven following a Master's degree in Applied Computer Science. I’m specializing myself in Artificial Intelligence. I’m passionate about the things I’m learning. Especially all the different perspectives a person can get on informatics.

I’m currently also involved in a side project where I develop a new traffic monitoring solution. I work closely with experts in the field as overseas developers and management.

I gained a lot of experience in a project where I developed a new frontend platform for Edu-Tech in Angular. I worked closely with a backend written in the D language which uses REST API’s. I was also involved in the development of Unit Tests with the Karma and Jasmine framework.

My Achievements

3 Years of higher education
100+ Ideas
120+ Docker containers
1650+ Bottles of Coca-Cola


Some skills I picked up during my experience at PXL

Python, C# & Java

Created multiple projects in various languages.

Unity & VR

Experience with the Oculus Quest VR development.


Knowledge of ROS & ROS2 with PX4 & Turtlebot.

Android Studio

Development experience with a Firebase connected Android App.

Neural Networks

Experimented with PyTorch, FastAI & Keras in different projects.


Made various frontend applications in Angular.

My portfolio

Made with passion.


Feel free to get in touch with me if you have a new project or simply something awesome. You can always message me on joachim.veulemans@outlook.be